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Hey there. We're Code Gecko. We were born in a former tannery, in Wiltshire, back in 2010, the brainchild of Benjamin Howarth, former Umbraco CMS core team member and developer on numerous open-source .NET projects.

Since then we've grown, shrunk, shifted, moved, and gained experience delivering some of the best websites for companies, ranging from the smallest one-man-band, up to global household brands, and everything in between.

  • Benjamin Howarth

    Benjamin started writing websites whilst still in high school, in 2000, and developed his first e-commerce site for a local business in Wiltshire in 2003 using classic ASP and what was formerly known as DHTML, and went on to providing network & desktop support to companies around Bath & west Wiltshire through to 2006.

    In 2007 he managed projects which directly resulted in cost savings of over £250,000 for a local authority, and went on to manage multi-million pound data projects on behalf of HP, for Bank of America, HSBC, Allied Irish Bank, and other major investment and retail banking clients.

    In late 2009 he moved to the .NET platform and began specialising in Umbraco, and after fixing a number of issues in the core Umbraco codebase, was invited onto the contributing core team for six months to assist with integrating various fixes to help Umbraco users and customers save money and improve security in their hosting environments, whilst consulting for MS Gold Partners and assisting Microsoft's (now defunct) Silverlight team with promotional work.

    Over the past six years, Benjamin has consulted and provided website solutions for the Environment Agency, Tesco, Universal Music Studios, Manchester Airport Group, KPMG, the Formula E motorsport championship, and dozens more, including NMA Top 100 advertising agencies and international brands covering pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and legal services.
  • John Scott

RomanSPA at the 2015 Umbraco UK Festival

posted on November 02, 2015

Benjamin was recently invited to present at the Umbraco UK Festival 2015, hosted by The Cogworks, now in its 5th year. Due to a scheduling error, he didn't present the topic people expected, but he hopes attendees learned something useful about MVx design patterns, and his micro-framework, RomanSPA, instead.

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