Short answer: Yes and no

Let us elaborate

Do you offer SEO?

A common question for an agency that builds websites is "do you do SEO?" We don't and we do. This sounds contradictory but isn't - allow me to explain.

SEO is generally described as techniques to improve your website's visibility in search engine rankings for various keywords and topics.
There are good ways and bad ways to do this.
Good ways include writing descriptive titles, descriptions, relevant keywords, and on-topic content.
It's all well and good if you're an online shop, but then writing a blog post about skin wrinkle treatment won't do you any favours except generate traffic that will never turn into committed purchases.

Good ways also include HTML5 microdata formats - telling search engines what type of content your website contains, whether you sell anything, whether you're writing blog posts or articles, and supplying more contextual data to search engines. Most people search for keywords based on context. The more context you can give a search engine about your content, the better it can match it to users' searches. This is how Google can tell that you're searching for flight plans or hotels, and then bring up a form allowing you to book it straight away.

Good ways also include having a comprehensive XML sitemap that details how often your pages change, and how important you consider them to be compared to other pages on your site.

Good ways include optimising your website for faster page load times, and having a mobile-friendly website. With the rise of mobile data usage, Google and other search engines now measure your site's speed and size in kilobytes. If it's too big, it's too slow (and possibly too expensive) for a mobile user to download, and will be ranked lower by a search engine.

Bad ways include keyword "stuffing", hiding invisible content on your page which contains too many keywords in an effort to "boost" your search engine ranking.
Bad ways also include having non-relevant sites link to your site (known as "clickbanks"). If people want to link to your site, they should do so because your content is good - not because you paid for the privilege.

Here at Code Gecko, we provide a comprehensive sitemap for all the websites we build, and we also help to implement HTML5 microdata formats.
We don't offer any services, beyond providing contextual data around your existing content, such as "clickbanks" or keyword stuffing.

So no, we don't offer SEO services. We offer technical context, to help search engines understand your website and business better.
As long as you keep on providing good, relevant content to visitors, search engines should never penalise your website.

Drop us a line if you want to improve your website so more visitors can find you.


RomanSPA at the 2015 Umbraco UK Festival

posted on November 02, 2015

Benjamin was recently invited to present at the Umbraco UK Festival 2015, hosted by The Cogworks, now in its 5th year. Due to a scheduling error, he didn't present the topic people expected, but he hopes attendees learned something useful about MVx design patterns, and his micro-framework, RomanSPA, instead.

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